Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Child
Published: Apr. 15, 2024
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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Child

Earth Day is April 22nd and it celebrates actions to promote environmental protection and advocacy towards preserving Earth’s resources.

It’s important to remember that although Earth Day is just one day; it’s useful that we instill these practices on a regular basis to be more resourceful for our environment. So, use this day as a day to start conversations and an appreciation of the Earth and it’s resources if you haven’t already.

Here are 10 Activities to Consider Doing to Celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Visit a National Park (in person) or via YouTube. This is a great way to talk about natural beauty and resources such as waterfalls, trees, and how we can protect these resources. You can even make a wish list of parks your kids want to visit with you as they grow up. 
  2. Plant seeds in the backyard or in a potted plant and teach them about gardening: Planting seeds and nurturing a plant not only teaches your child about their environment but also teaches them about caring for plants and what it takes to see them grow
  3. Take a nature walk: This can mean in a park, on a trail, or on a beach. Point out natural pieces of the environment such as water, rocks, trees, plants, etc. 
  4. Play nature bingo: Make bingo cards with natural elements such as a tree, a flower, a bird, natural water feature, a bug, etc and take your bingo cars outside. The first person to see something and cross off on their card to win bingo—is the winner! 
  5. Teach them about recycling and separating recycling material: Create bins in your home and remind them where certain items go. This is useful all year to recycle materials.
  6. Model consciousness:  Use paper instead of plastic and consider taking reusable shopping bags to you with the store instead of plastic bags. 
  7. Spring clean and donate old items: Discuss the concept of “reusing” by putting clothes or toys of theirs aside they don’t use anymore and donating it. Call up a local donation center to donate the items. This not only teaches them sustainability but also thinking of others. 
  8. Volunteer: Volunteer at a beach clean up or park clean up and teach them the importance of picking up after themselves too! 
  9. Watch environmentally conscious kid movies like Wall-E or March of the Penguins: Have a movie night and use recyclable materials. Discuss why it’s important we protect our environment and be more conscious. 
  10. Water and light conservation activity: Teach them about conservation by reminding them to turn off the water while they’re brushing their teeth and also turning off the lights when they don’t need them. This is a good lesson in conserving our resources. 

It’s important to remember that conservation and sustainability are important year round and modeling these behaviors is important for little eyes and ears. Use this Earth Day to spark interest in the Earth and conversations surrounding being more resourceful humans! 


This blog was written by Pediatric Associates’ Dr. Mona Amin from the Fort Lauderdale South office.