Medical Education
Published: May 13, 2024


Medical Education

Pediatric Associates is committed to excellence in Medical Education both internally for our Physicians and Advanced Practice Practitioners as well as to those who are currently in the process of entering the field of Pediatrics. Below you will find the criteria and the requirements for all students wishing to complete a clinical preceptorship with Pediatric Associates.


Pediatric Associates does not currently provide shadowing or other medical education opportunities to high school or college undergraduate students.

However, for students age 17 or older, we do offer a paid Summer Hearing & Vision Program which typically runs from June through August. It can be either part or full time, and would include completing Hearing/Vision screens, completing school forms, and assisting with taking patient’s vitals. If interested, please complete this application and email it to:

We are very happy to accept Medical Assistant students who are in need of clinical externship hours. If interested, please reach out to us at for more details.

We do have a very limited number of preceptors available to take on students who are currently enrolled in an accredited APRN or Physician Assistant program, and in need of Pediatric clinical hours. Due to the limited availability and large amount of inquiries we receive, students will only be considered if they attend a currently contracted program (see below) AND either have a significant background in Pediatrics and/or are enrolled in a Pediatric-specific program.

MSI, MSII, and MSIII students are taken from the contracted medical schools listed below. If you are interested in completing time with us, please contact your student coordinator at your school for details. MSIV students who are looking to complete an elective rotation with us, and are interested in working in Pediatrics as a career, please have your student coordinator contact us.

We are very happy to take any Pediatric resident who is need of clinical hours. Please have your program director or clinical coordinator reach out to us for details.

Currently Contracted Schools

South University (Online Program)
Bradley University
University of Miami

Barry University
Florida International University
Nova Southeastern University
South University – Savannah Online
Chatham University

Edwin Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)
Florida Atlantic University
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM)
Nova Southeastern University

If you do not see your school listed above, and you are interested in Pediatrics as a career while meeting the requirements listed above; please have your student coordinator/dean contact us at to see if we are currently accepting new affiliations.

Application Process

Opportunities are assigned on a tri-semester basis. Deadlines to have all completed paperwork turned in at least three weeks prior to the start of each Semester. Applications will not be processed any sooner than three months prior each semester.

Application Requirements

Proof of Medical Insurance and/or Worker’s Compensation Coverage
Certified Level 1 Background Check or Higher
Proof of Negative 10-Panel Drug Screen Within Three Months of Start Date
Proof of Immunization for Hepatitis B, MMR, and Varicella
Proof of Receiving Tdap Vaccination
Proof of Receiving Flu Vaccine Seasonally
Negative PPD, Chest X-Ray, and/or QuantiFERON Screening for Tuberculosis
Proof of HIPAA and OSHA Training
Signed Pediatric Associates Confidentiality (click here to download)
Signed Conflict of Interest Agreements (click here to download)


Please send all the required and completed paperwork (in one file) along with a copy of your professional CV, dates you are interested in rotating including at least one alternative, and the region/county you would like to be placed in to  We will try to respond to all application within five business days.

*IMPORTANT* DO NOT CONTACT any Office, Physician, or Practitioner directly for placement. ALL applications must be processed and approved through Human Resources prior to any student or resident entering an office. Students who fail to complete the process as outlined may lose the opportunity to rotate  with us.